Divine Connect LLC specializes in delivering innovative, sustainable and smart technology solutions that enrich the well-being of individuals and organizations.
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Broadcast Solutions
We design client driven multilingual broadcast systems.

Our digital broadcast solutions are one of a kind and offer your listeners a unique experience. We aim to break the language barrier with our multilingual broadcast systems. This means you can broadcast as many frequencies in as many languages as you can imagine using state-of-the-art technology. Whether you need a large-scale broadcast studio or a portable system, we got your covered. You can even go beyond the standard and explore IP Streaming for live online listening. Take it a step further with a custom Mobile Application and/or a custom Handheld Device to maximize your reach. Whatever you imagine, we can connect the dots and create your next digital broadcast solution.

Radio Broadcast

Our systems are built using radio broadcast technology which is used worldwide to provide high-fidelity sound. It provides the best sound quality compared to other means of broadcasting.  We are constantly researching and innovating to expand on this technology to create new ways of utilizing it.

Internet Protocol (IP) Streaming

Our end-to-end live streaming service offers you a complete managed infrastructure. Use your choice of encoders and restream it in any format to support a wide variety of devices. You can secure your content at any and every part of the workflow. Be it on-premise or cloud deployment, our systems offer you an option to scale on-demand to reach a virtually unlimited capacity.

Mobile Applications

Give your audience the ability to tune in to your live stream audio in real time with a custom developed iOS/Android App. We help you fashion the right user experience making your streaming noiseless, easily usable and of high-quality. Our developers offer you a wealth of customization options ensuring the highest level of user engagement.

Handheld Devices

Allow your listeners easy access to your broadcast with a custom handheld device. This is ideal for broadcasting in a specific location radius and in multiple languages. We can design a custom device, or we can white label one of our many patented Translation Receivers to meet your needs.

Guide Solutions
We offer the best systems for engaging visitor experiences.

Our multi-language tour guide solutions offer better sightseeing for your patrons and gives them a more engaging visitor experience. Our system enhances entertainment and learning through personalized guided and self-directed tours. Furthermore, we offer automated commentary solutions. Discover the possibilities of having a custom tour guide solution for your museum, bus tour, or city tour.

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Energy Solutions
We deliver the best integrated smart energy systems.

Our smart energy solutions help in reducing energy by strategic and cost-effective methods. We assist businesses and organizations to boost their efficiency and gain greater control and convenience in managing their energy usage. We conduct comprehensive energy audits and provide energy conserving and cost saving solutions including solar, LED lighting, battery storage and grid utilities management.. Choose the sustainable option with our smart energy solutions.

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